Dog Days of Summer

Even though the summer won’t end until the 22nd of September this year we need to make sure everyone is still looking after our pets. It may be getting cooler but we need to  keep our pets healthy and safe from the heat.  Here are some tips to make sure your pet dosen’t over heat in the waning days of summer.

1.  If your pet is outdoor only, make sure they have adeqete shelter and clean water.

2. If your pet is outdoor/indoor dweller make sure they have clean water everyday.

3. If the temperature is over 80, don’t take your pet in the car. Leave them at home. It can get dangerously hot in a car in an article (which i will post here) it states that the temperature inside the car can rise over 20 degrees in less then 10 minutes. And cracking the windows won’t help.

4. Every dog needs to go out at sometime, if you live in a city, make sure you are walking your pet in the evening or early morning before the asphalt heats up. Dogs have very sensitive paws and can get burned on their feet from the hot pavement.

5. Everyone likes to take their pets to various outdoor events, but it’s safer to leave to leave your pets at home because they can get frightened from all the crowds.

Summer is almost over and the cooler weather is right around the corner just think about your pet. They don’t want to be hot, just hot looking.

Here is a link to the ASPCA website that has more information about hot weather and your pet.

Hopefully that will work if it doesn’t please go to the ASPCA website and look under pet tips.

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