From the Hole

Ok, so I’m flipping through my old and ancient files of Starfleet stuff. Promotions, awards, ship stuff, fleet stuff and the like when I come across a page that I had photocopied and saved from the January 1994 issue of the Starfleet Communique. The JAG (Judge Advocate General) had a report on the tax situation and a few other things (nothing’s changed much there). Region III held a Parisis Square Tournament AKA Trek Bowl ’93 (a bowling tournament that they had held – still interesting). And over in a small corner of page 10 I found the Starfleet Officer’s Code of Conduct. When I look at this Code of Conduct I’m reminded of how I try to present myself when I’m out in the real world – I remember copying it for just that reason. I may not always succeed but I do tend to succeed more than I fail.  Without further ado here’s what (back in 1993/4) the Code of Conduct says:

STARFLEET Officer’s Code of Conduct

I. I will always behave in a manner which brings credit to the Fleet, my ship, and myself.

II. I will always praise in public and critique in private.

III. I will show courtesy to my subordinates, fellow officers, and superior officers at all times.

IV. I will never assume, but always verify.

V. I will be resolute in the performance of my duty and the execution of Fleet policy and regulations.

VI. I will always defuse confrontations, not cause.

VII. I will listen to both sides of a dispute and act upon fact, not innuendo.

VIII. I will strive for impartiality and fairness in judgement and disqualify myself from decisions where my judgement may be compromised.

IX. I will be the first to praise, the last to criticize.

X. I will always strive to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

(With the possible exception of strict interpretation of item V with regards to executing Fleet policy, if we all did this a little more the world might be a little better place.)

Until next month . . . .

The SO