Star Trek Into Darkness – The Reviews #2

Here is the second crew review of Star Trek Into Darkeness.

These of course are the opinions of the members themselves and do not represent anyone or anything else.

Submitted by Jennifer Sontag (member since  1/05)

star trek into

As the crew of the USS Tiburon gathered on Wednesday to see the new Star Trek movie there was high anticipation for the movie because of all the hype and previews. The newest movie directed by J.J. Abrams didn’t disappoint.

The movie was very fast paced with a chase through an alien planet, the Enterprise rising out of the water like the fabled city of Atlantis and the introduction of the main villain. Although the main villain was someone that every Star trek fan will recognize, the build up to the revealing of his was very predictable and once you knew who he was you could see where the movie was going.

I will say the movie didn’t disappoint me, it was visually stunning (without the lens flare) and I like the way the characters were portrayed.  All in all the movie was good not great but I would go and see it again. And once again the Tribbles saved the day.  GO TRIBBLES!!!!!!