It’s that time of Year Again —- Rodeo

rodeo #2

Good Morning, this is Chief Science Officer Jennifer Sontag reporting from the bridge of the USS Tiburon currently orbiting planet earth. We have come back to earth for a very special event, the annual National Western Stock Show and Rodeo. It’s located in Denver, Colorado and has been around for 116 years and keeps growing every year. They have events like bull riding, saddle and bareback bronco riding to mutton busting and herding dogs.The rodeo and stock show have something for every member of the family.

This year the Tiburon crew will be beaming down on the 18th to see the rodeo and to peruse the gigantic trade show. Maybe we might pick a hot tub for the ship.

Now for a little history about the stock show. It all started in 1899 in the Denver stockyards which are right across the train tracks from the coliseum. The show actually started in 1906 when the first rodeo was performed in the coliseum and admission price was free for the first couple of years then it increased to .25 a person. The first couple of years people attending the show were introduced to new breeds like herefords, saddlebreds and draft horses like the world famous Budweiser Clyesdales. The show has it’s up and downs with the great depression and WWII but it had always comeback strong and in 2006 set an all time attendence record with 726,792 which hasn’t been broken since, 2014 came close with 640,022. Maybe that record will be broken this year.

I do encourage anyone that hasn’t been to the NWSS to go. It’s not just a rodeo and livestock exhibition but a trade show and much much more. Yes you will see and smell the animals but where else can you pet a horse and buy a steam mop.

This is Fleet Captain Jennifer Sontag,signing off. See you all next time.