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Thank you

Hey there, it’s Fleet Captain Jennifer Sontag reporting from the bridge of the USS Tiburon. I know it’s been several months since my last post but I have been busy with all those darn Tribbles. I can’t

USS Tiburon Membership Benefit

The USS Tiburon is proud to announce that members can now get free tickets to the home games of the Colorado Outlaws!  The Colorado Outlaws are part of Major League Lacrosse. Major League Lacrosse, or MLL, is a

USS Tiburon General Meeting May 17th @ 1pm

The USS Tiburon is proud to announce the date of it’s May meeting! What is a general meeting you ask? Well simply put it’s a meeting where members, friends and invited guests can come together and discuss

STARFLEET Region 17’s Promo Display is unvieled

Region 17 is proud to premiere it’s STARFLEET Region 17 promotional display at Starfest 2014.  Pictured here is the 8′ x 10′ custom printed display backdrop. The backdrop displays a large STARFLEET and Region 17 logo as