Happy Anniversary, USS Tiburon!

Wow, how quickly the last year has passed. It’s also amazing just how many things have happened in that span. We lost one crew member to the depths. We celebrated when one of our on board real life couples get married – oddly enough another couple is now well on their way.  We got shut out of Denver Comic Con but made a come back at Koelbel Con. We’ve gone from traveling at warp 9.95 to dropping down to dead stop and right back to warp 9.95. Year 11 was truly a wild ride, and year 12 is promising more of the same.

For our paying members we will soon be announcing the time, date and location for our 11 Year Anniversary Party. We will also be hosting a lunch for The Ronald McDonald House in Aurora in the very near future.

We are also planning on continuing our monthly Friday Night Socials, which are open to everyone. Additional dates for nature walks will also be announced once the Command Staff is able to reconvene after an unexpected two month hiatus. Be sure to catch members of the USS Tiburon at Fort Collins Comic Con coming up in August!

A toast to 11 very active years for the USS Tiburon! I look forward to seeing as many of you fans as possible as we boldly go in to year 12 – the second year of our THIRD five year mission!


The XO