Ronald McDonald House


Good Morning, this is Chief Science Officer Jennifer Sontag reporting from the science lab here on the USS Tiburon currently in orbit around earth.

The crew and I had the privialge of working with an outstanding charity on Earth a few weeks ago. It’s called the Ronald McDonald House, and they help out families that need a place to stay while their children are getting treatment at Children’s hospital here in Aurora.  All the families have to provide for themselves are meals, everything else is provided for them through the house. They don’t have to pay for their rooms, laundry or cable, it’s all provided by the Ronald McDonald house. Just about every weekend, there is another club or group providing meals for the families that reside in the house, this last time it was out turn.

We decided on giving the residents something different then the usual hamburgers, hotdogs and chili. Our Chief Communications officer, Christina Sievers, made a tasty menu that all the residence loved. We made taco mac and cheese bake, two hams, salad and cookies for dessert. There was ice tea to sooth the palate. We served about 10 to 15 families within the course of the event, and we can’t wait to do it again sometime in the future.

During the event, we meet a young man that told us that he was a huge Star Trek fan and just wanted to say thanks for providing a meal to him. He was diagnosed as having Lymphoma and almost passed away, but he was at he event and he was great. He had many questions and talked to us for about 20 minutes. I salute him for what he is going through and hope for his recovery.

Well, I have rambled on enough for this month, so I will sign off. Anyway the tribbles are getting hungry.

Until next time, Chief Science Officer Jennifer Sontag signing off.