Time for a Quick Check-in

Greetings Trekkers and Trekkies,

Here are a few of the headlines from the recent General Meeting and Tiburon activities in general.


Denver Outlaws out last the Ohio Machine in a battle for the MLL Steinfeld Cup and bring it home to Denver for the second time in three years. This is important for those of us that were able to attend games over the past few years.

Fort Collins Comic Con was held on Saturday August 27 and Sunday August 28. The Tiburon had the same prime spot that we had last year – just inside the front entry door. Thanks to those who came by to check us out.

The dates for the Friday Night Socials for September and October have been set up. They will be September 9 and October 14. Locations to be announced.

We will not be participating in the Xcel Day of Service due to real life limitations and scheduling conflicts this year.

Its time for Starfleet’s goofy season – the election cycle is currently under way with four teams running to be the next Commander Starfleet. For the SFI membership you should certainly go and check out the individual platforms and get ready to make your decisions as to who will lead our parent organization for the upcoming three year term.

And that’s a wrap for me for this month.

The XO