The Boys Are Back In Town!!!

national western #2

Howdy, everyone this is Chief Science offiicer Jennifer Sontag reporting from the bridge of the USS Tiburon orbiting the earth. Sorry I haven’t been reporting as often as I should but my tribble experiments have been taking a lot of my time but I finally got those under control so I am back. If anyone is interested in the buying a newly born tribble please get in touch with me, a new litter should be on it’s way within minutes.

Anyway getting back to the report, I am so glad that we are in orbit around Denver, Colorado this time because one of my favorite events of the year is going to start real soon. It’s the National Western Stock Show and Rodeo. It’s a yearly event located in the historical stock yards of Denver. 

The Stock show and rodeo has been a yearly event in the city of Denver for over 104 years and it keeps getting bigger and better each year. They have events all the way from rodeos, livestock shows featuring animal like sheep, goats and pigs, to horse shows and not excluding the shoppers in all of us, they have one of the biggest trade show.  The trade show features anything and everything you could possible want, anything from housewares, clothing, furniture, and many other things you didn’t know you needed but now you do. They also feature many charities around the state like Colorado Horse Rescue, Hawkquest,and Wild Bird Rescue.

One of the most exciting parts of the Stock Show is the rodeo;

national western stock

The rodeo has many exciting events such as bull riding where the cowboy has to hang on to a 1 ton bull for 8 seconds;




Bronco busting where  all you have to to is hang on with a rope to bucking bronco who wants you off his back;

There are other events at the rodeo such as team roping, barrel racing and many special acts to entertain the crowd between rodeo events.


Mutton_bustinOne of the most anticipated events of the rodeo is the mutton busting.This events involves children weighing 60 or less so they don’t injure the sheep. Basically what happens is rodeo clown or their parents put the child on a sheep and tell them to hang on as the sheep runs down the arena. The kid tries to hang on for 8 seconds like the cowboys do on the bigger animals or they try to hang on for a wild ride down the arena. I have seen some kids ride the sheep all the way down the arena and have to be taken off by the riders. What i think is the greatest show of sportsmanship is that every child that participates gets trophy about the size of them and sometimes (if they are lucky) gets a kiss from the rodeo queen.

I would strongly suggest that you get yourself down to the rodeo in Denver, Colorado. It starts on January 11 through the 26th. They have something for everyone!!!! So dust off those boots and find your cowboy hat and join me at the RODEO!!!!!

Signing off for now, CSO Jennifer Sontag