USS Tiburon Wednesday Update – 08/22/12

News Congratulations to Jessica Wolfson on Receiving STARFLEET Junior Member of the Year! William Windom Passing Jeremy Pierce, STARFLEET Member In Need Just for Fun Restoring the Enterprise D Bridge New Star Trek Podcast Avengers Blooper Reel

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – Acting Ensign Jessica Wolfson receives STARFLEET Award.

The USS Tiburon is very proud to announce that at the 2012 STARFLEET International Conference in Memphis TN earlier this month our own Acting Ensign Jessica Wolfson received the 2012 STARFLEET Junior Officer of the Year award. Jessica’s name was submitted with other STARFLEET members from all across the organization, 7 total nominations in the Junior Officer of the Year category. Here …

USS Tiburon Wednesday Update – 08/15/12

News Ok, well looks like the Skipper was bored… So get ready for fun stuff overload! Just For Fun Trek in the Park TOS Soundtrack Collection The Doctor for the next 2 Years The Negotiator is Back! New Trek Rumor-mill

From the Hole

I recently reflected on the roughly three years that I’ve spent with the crew of the USS Tiburon (out of nearly 20 years of activity with organized fandom). In this reflection I found that in most of the groups that I’ve been with if one or two “important” members of the group aren’t available for a particular activity then that activity usually …

August Crew Member of the Month – Capt. Lee Montgomery

While this post may be a few days overdue, this member’s recognition is certainly more overdue than that. There are two things that come to mind when one thinks of Mr. Montgomery, they are loyalty and versatility. We’re talking about a man that is capable of doing anything that he sets his mind to. Since joining the USS Tiburon Lee …

News from the Starfleet Marine Corps

I’ve pulled the information below from a post on another list by Brigadier General Bruce O’Brien who is the current Commandant of the SFMC. “…Although I may be stealing some of the thunder from ForceCom and their usual reporting functions, I would also like to make point to membership numbers. “In January 2011, the SFMC had a recorded membership of …

USS Tiburon Wednesday Update – 08/08/12

News We made it back alive from IC, despite the 113º weather and crazy thunderstorms. IC was great, and we had a lot of fun catching up with all our old friends! Dave Blaser, the CS, passes on his greetings and wishes everyone on the Tiburon the best! Region Seventeen has a new VRC: Please welcome Jonathan Simmons as the …

Mars Landing

Science Officer Log, 080620.12 At midnight on the sixth of August the Mars landing craft called Curiosity touched down successfully on the planet. Curiosity began it’s mission 8 months ago and traveled 852 million miles from earth. On it’s descent onto the planet, curiosity travelled at 13,000 mph and that’s 17 times the speed of sound. It’s mission is to …

USS Tiburon Wednesday Update – 08/01/12

News Report: The CO and COMMS have arrived successfully in Olive Branch, MS and are settling in to the IC hotel. A full day ahead of schedule even! Lindsey Stirling Coming to Denver 08/10/12 Just For Fun Free Passes to Colorado’s Parks Yep, that’s right. Just go back to sleep, it’d be easier.

USS Tiburon Wednesday Update – 07/25/12

News The USS Tiburon sends condolences and our sympathies to all the victims and everyone involved in the tragic shooting at the Aurora Century 16. Jon Z’s commentary on the shooting. Patrick Stewart Carries the Olympic Torch