Ronald McDonald House Follow-up


I wanted to take a moment and thank all the Tiburon crew members that were able to attend this past Sundays Ronald McDonald House event with the USS Pioneer and House VamPyr.

As CO of the Tiburon, I am proud of what we did this weekend.  We were asked to come out and assist some great friends in trying to help lift the spirits of families using the services of the Ronald McDonald House.  Upon arriving, our team jumped right in and assisted in anyway we could, from chopping vegetables, grating cheese, using the rice cooker to changing out trash bags and helping serve food and clean up the room.

This event was manned by two STARFLEET chapters from the Denver area and one Klingon group.  All of us came together to work on helping families. This event is a prime example of what good people can do, no matter what group or species they are.

Thank you to House VamPyr for inviting us to participate with them, and thank you to each member of the Tiburon team that got up early on a Sunday. Not just any Sunday, by the way, as this past Sunday we lost an hour’s worth of sleep because of the time change. All for the great cause of helping to prepare a meal for the families residing in the Ronald McDonald House.