Fountain Family Expo Featuring Eddie Munster!

15071_585070028238332_1106280785_nThe USS Tiburon came to the rescue when a request was made to support an event sponsored by Galaxyfest called the Fountain Family Expo on January 25th to 26th. Though the Ship’s meeting was scheduled the same day, a representative went down to lend a hand by providing DJ services for the event.

The Expo located in Fountain Colorado was designed to help Galaxyfest’s chosen charity, The Homeless Foundation. The featured guest of honor was Butch Patrick who played Eddie Munster of TV fame. The Expo was supported by 20 vendors who sold their merchandise.

 Both Saturday and Sunday was well attended and fun was had by all. Some of the highlights of the event were appearances by the USS Zebulon Pike, 501st Storm Troopers, Rubix of Borg, Loki and an assorted variety of character costumes. Raffles were held throughout the weekend, including dinner with Butch Patrick, a Munster cake, membership passes to Galaxyfest and donations from the Expo’s vendors.
The Homeless Foundation was very happy with the results and all of us went home with a real feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. Based on my conversations, many will be at Galaxyfest to renew friendships. I look forward to seeing them there!